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Born and brought up in Paris (les beaux quartiers…) and “brought” to Portugal by her parents. Bach.of Arts in French and English Modern Languages and Literature, a MBA in French Literature and last but not least a Master Of Arts in American Studies (French anti-Americanism). Former teacher of French and English in small college at the center of this tiny country.  Now, a freelancer translator.

Totally in love with New York and hoping to fall in love too with LA in November when, swapping directions, the Parisian-americanophile is supposed to question what is left of the French « exception culturelle » for a UCLA’s audience. Stereotyped French anti-Americanism is surely one of France’s more cunning exceptions.  Sheer passion.

Would be glad to have Jack in the audience, either under his fictionalized angel appearance or mental presence…for, oddly enough, Jack Kerouac is to be invoked in my communication. After all, the magic of America lies in its mental roads endlessly renewed and where accidents and miracles do happen.
Born and raised on the shores of the Adriatic, on the east coast of the Italian peninsula, her passion for foreign languages arose early on in childhood.
That tiny sparkle grew throughout high school.
Genny attained a Bachelors of Arts in "Interpretive Languages and Translation" with full honors from D’Annunzio University in Italy, also studying abroad at Salamanca University in Spain and Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.
Extensive traveling throughout Europe and North America made her deeply knowledgeable of the world's linguistic and cultural nuances. Also, it facilitated awareness of the huge gap to be fulfilled in language communications.
In 2003 she moved to Los Angeles, California where she currently resides.
Beginning in late 2003, she has created a small niche, tackling an array of freelance translation and interpretation assignments across a variety of fields.
Currently she plans to launch her own venture, WordTraveller, to expand service offerings and accommodate more clients.
WordTraveller intends to be an innovative linguistic services provider. It aims to bring the human soul back into the translation experience. As technology evolves, translations have become more about software and speed than an enriching intellectual journey through the infinite shades of human languages and cultures.  There is a place for speed and mechanized translations, yet also a place and need for understanding subtle linguistic intricacies, often missed by strict word-for-word translations.  WordTraveller will combine the best of modern translation efficiency, with cultural and linguistic accuracy.

“Working on the ENG>ITA translation of Beat Angel was a magical experience. The omega that closed a circle opened years ago, when, while preparing for my high school graduation exams I adventured in writing a brief thesis on the Beats. God bless!”

Genny Nevoso
Interpreter & Translator

To contact Genny send an email to
or call (+1) 323-350 3352.    Coming soon!!!

For your convenience Genny can also be reached via Skype (look for Wordtraveller).

Born in Argentina, after extensive travel throughout Europe, North America and the Orient, I settled in Los Angeles where I study language translation English/Spanish/English
and became a free lance translator specialized in films, documentaries, subtitles, commercials, books, etc.

My passion for literature and films arose in early childhood and since then I wrote permanently, started with poems and later short stories.

In 1996 I moved to Miami Florida, where I became Editorial Quality Control Specialist and Dub Producer for Discovery Channel, responsible for the language customization, English/Spanish of all programs  to be air on Discovery Networks in Latin America and Spain.

In 2003 I decided to dedicate more time to writing and went back to free lance translations, recently I finish writing two novels in Spanish “Tierra de Ángel”,  and “Tristán Cortez y El Sepulcro de la Verdad”  which are ready for publication, both will be translated to English shortly. Also I produced an audio book now in the market,  Herman Melville’s  “Billy Bud, Marinero” which I translated from the original English to Spanish “Neutro” and recorded using different voices for each character , narration and music and effects.

Because high in my list of preferred writers is Jack Kerouac,  translating “Beat Angel” was a great pleasure.

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