Beat Angel  Director, Co-writer & Producer

Randy was studying music and geography in college when a friend gave him a copy of Jack Kerouac's novel The Dharma Bums.  The same year he saw the documentary Kerouac: The Movie.  In 1996 Frank Tabbita introduced Randy to Vincent Balestri and Vincent's one-man play, Kerouac: The Essence of Jack -- which inspired the movie Beat Angel.

In the intervening years he experimented with video and 16mm film, acquiring used 16mm cameras, editing machines and sound equipment.  Accruing experience on short films, corporate video and television commercials, by 1994 he was established in a cluttered office with the requisite gear to "make a movie."  That year he produced, photographed and edited Apart from Hugh, a black-and-white 16mm feature written and directed by Jon FitzGerald.

Among numerous other film/video productions, three 16mm features followed: Randy served as cinematographer on Redemption (1999, written and directed by Richard Valentine), which premiered at the inaugural MethodFest in Pasadena, CA.; as producer and cinematographer on The Happiest Moment of My Life (Take Two) (in postproduction; written and directed by Thomas Phillips); and, his first endeavor as writer and director on a feature, Beat Angel.
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