Jessica Burstein and Randy.  Jessica is from North Carolina; her film "Veronica's Birthday" was at The Method Fest.
Filmmaker Art Chudabala and friend at the Awards Banquet.
Murray Proska, Michael Wisnieux et al whoop it up.
Actor/filmmaker Roger Lim and friends at Gordon Biersch restaurant.
Don Franken and one of the evening's singers; she sang the best song of the night---"The Littlest Bird Sings the Prettiest Song."
Elaine Wood, Director of Operations at the Fest office in the AMC Mall.  Nice poster!
Steve Huntsman---actor and Method Fest staffer---the man to call.
Germaine DeLeon and his mom.  Germaine won the Acting Competition Award and we were honored to have Germaine at our table at the Awards Banquet. 
Actress/filmmaker Lynn Thornton and TMF Technical Coordinator Bill
John Cassady celebrates Awards night  with Method Fest Executive Director Don Franken.
MIchael Wisnieux, Jay Bogdanowitsch and actor Mike Heister.  Jay's 35mm short is called "Tea Time."
Our pal Richard Egan---star of the dramatic feature, "Delivery Method".
Randy and friend Tomomi at  Castaways.
Lynn Thornton and friend in the Castaways plaza.
Warrior Filmmaker Jack Marino hangs with his old friend Mike
Barbara (left) generously shared her Marlboro Lights 100s.  Chatting with Barbara is Diane Sippl, correspondent for the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfest.
"Beat Angel" friends Mike and Lynn.
Nickolas Rossi, "Beat Angel" Camera Operator.
Roger schmoozes it up with Jessica at Gordon Biersch.
Cilck on the photo to visit Roger's web pages.
Vincent Balestri and Jack Marino at Castaways.
Paul Baker, director of "Chance"
Allison, cheerful Fest volunteer & bartender.
This picture was taken moments after our friend Patrick McCullough (right) and his crew accepted the Best Actor award for Dan Brennan, who plays a young man trying to break the cycle of violence and drug abuse in his life.  Director Michael Carty holds the trophy.  "Beautiful Kid" is set in a tough Irish neighborhood of the Bronx, and as critic Kathleen Carroll wrote, "it's as if the late John Cassavetes had been let loose in the local crack houses and neighborhood bars with a mini-DV camera."
AllieRaye co-wrote and starred in "Charity," a short film directed by Douglas Spain.
Michael Wisnieux, actor, filmmaker and all-'round cool guy.
Click on Michael's picture to visit his website.
Vincent makes a new friend in sunny Burbank.
Josh Wilbur and Jerry Cimino take a break from the Beatmobile and visit the hotel.
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