Highway Cinema
Hunter Mann and his micro-cinema coming to your town soon!
the  traveling  film festival
Highway Cinema is a traveling film festival that screens classic and new indie short films in small towns that have no cinemas. Since 1993 Hunter Mann has presented over 500 free shows in small towns. These towns have included Sumatra, Montana (pop. 5), Bellingham, Minnesota (pop. 224) and Marmoth, North Dakota (pop 102).
photo by Rick Aubert
Learn more about Highway Cinema!  contact Hunter Mann at huntermann@yahoo.com or call (818) 680-3775.
Traveling by bicycle, Highway Cinema has toured 11,000 miles of the back highways of the U.S. and Canada, as well as a tour by train and bus on Mexico's west coast. Imagine the richness of a movie screen stretched between 2 palm trees in a little Mexican town, with a half moon setting beyond the waves...Highway Cinema is in itself...cinematic!
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