Beat Angel  Writer and Executive Producer

Bruce began writing novels and short stories with the intention of telling a story that touched people's lives.  He became interested in the medium of film through a series of lectures given by Stanley Kramer.  The acquaintances made there led to working on student films and co-writing a screenplay, Pursuit Into Darkness, with a local Seattle director, Nancy Morris.

Although that script was optioned and never produced, his fascination with the storytelling possibilities of film led him to become involved in Beat Angel.  He wrote the screenplay with Randy Allred and Frank Tabbita, and worked closely with Vincent Balestri adapting portions of Vincent's play,
Kerouac: The Essence of Jack, to the screen.

Bruce eventually took on the mantle of Producer to help this story, and Vincent Balestri's performance, be shared with others--the ultimate goal of any artistic expression.
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