On the 30th anniversary of his own death, the angelic spirit of Jack Kerouac
returns to Earth in the abandoned body of a street bum and drops in on a
poetry slam held in his honor---"a generation is waiting to be written."

Beat Angel - an independent film about the spirit of Kerouac - NEWS

Editors Randy Allred and Thomas Phillips prepare the movie for its world premiere

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Fifth Santa Fe Film Festival
SANTA FE, NM --- Santa Fe's unique, sofa-equipped Cinema Cafe was the comfy venue for two well-received screenings of Beat Angel at the 5th Annual Santa Fe Film Festival in December 2004.  Thanks to the terrific staff including Coad Miller, above, with Frank in the Presidential Suite of the El Dorado hotel.

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"Vincent Balestri is a force of nature.
His Kerouac is right on." 
-- Stuart Racey, BeatFest NYC
BA garners MethodFest nominations
Balestri cited for Acting

BURBANK --- The world premiere of the feature film BEAT ANGEL was given April 5 by The Method Fest film festival at Burbank's AMC Media Center 8.  From the lineup of 24 features, Vincent Balestri and Beat Angel were nominated for two awards: the John Garfield Award for Best Actor in a Feature Film , and  the Maverick Award for Quality in a Low Budget Feature Film.

Above: John Cassady celebrates Awards night  with Method Fest Executive Director Don Franken.

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Beat Angel was shot and edited on 16mm film. Click to see more.
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NAPA VALLEY, CA -- Beat Angel received the Special Prize of the Fest at the 18th Annual Wine Country Film Festival, citing Originality and Experimentation.
The 99-minute movie screened under the stars July 31 at the Sequoia Grove Vineyards outdoor theater, following open mike poetry and a performance by Vincent Balestri.   "Beat Angels" Rick Boden and Hunter Mann attended the festivities at the August 15 awards ceremony.

Above L to R: Rick Boden, Frank Tabbita, Lisa Niemi, Randy Allred and Vincent Balestri, Aug. 31 at the Sequoia Grove stage with fest director Stephen Ashton.

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Wine Country film fest
award prizes Originality

The Beat Angel contigent with festival director Stephen Ashton at the Wine Country Film Festival
Beat Angel at 'Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!'
LOWELL, MASS -- Nearly 100 people turned out--in a space designed to seat just sixty--for a screening of Beat Angel at the 2004 Lowell Celebrates Kerouac festival in Lowell, Mass. The screening, attended by David Amram, was held Oct. 3 at The Brush With Art Gallery in Lowell.  Special thanks to LCK! and director Larry Carradini.
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production /  postproduction

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the film in Portland---many excellent Portland poets gave their best, and local jazz players jammed 'til the wee hours.
Special thanks to Michael Franklin and Gallery Co. 7 for a fantastic show.

DVD features
99 minutes movie running time
Video extra: Vincent Balestri performing
Kerouac: The Essence of Jack (19 mins.)
     play footage provided by
     Tom Shandel of Getaway Films Inc.
Subtitles French, Spanish, Italian & English
Writers Commentary audio track
Deleted Scenes outtakes
Bibliography works by Kerouac
All Regions Color NTSC

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Chorus of Poets Gather
for "Howl" Celebration
by Teresa Conboy

LOS ANGELES -- A horn call sounded the start of the 50th anniversary celebration of Allen Ginsberg's first public reading of his masterpiece "Howl," on this occasion, October 7, 2005 at Skylight Books in Los Feliz Village in Los Angeles.  "Howl" was read by a chorus of local poets, friends of Ginsberg and those (as everyone) with a deep sense of appreciation for his timeless words, shouts and cries about a parallel culture of the '50s not otherwise seen in the American dream images portrayed on television at the time.  Organized within 24 hours by L.A.-based poet S.A. Griffin, word of the event was spread quickly via the Internet, email and phone calls.  

Bookcases were pushed aside, some people stood in a semi-circle, others sat in chairs, and a few such as myself sat around the ficus tree that grows through the center of the store.  David Zasloff provided the horn call that preceded a group recital of the infamous opening verse, “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked...”  Then one by one each person calling out from their position read a few lines in perfect verbal unity, not missing a note.  The reading of "Howl" took on the musicality of the day, the jazz rhythms that Ginsberg and his Beat friends absorbed into their poetry, with its chant-like beginning, solos punctuated with "go!" and "yeah!" building up to the Moloch crescendo, and then slowing down to its "I'm with you in Rockland" coda.  Each voice added its own unique flair and phrasing, moving along with a cadence until the very end, not one person losing steam.  The only thing missing was someone running around collecting money for bottles of wine.  

The chorus of voices included some of the finest poets Los Angeles has to offer, all who have been instrumental in keeping the art vibrant:  Griffin and his wife Lorraine Perrotta (rare books/acquisitions librarian for The Huntington Library), Mike Mollett, Doug Knott howling from the staircase (Griffin, Mollett and Knott are members of the Carma Bums known for their International Superhighway Tour of Words in a '59 Cadillac, hence Cadillac/Car plus Dharma Bums plus karma = Carma Bums), Bradford Bancroft, Bob Branaman, Milo Martin, Stosh Machek, Harry Northrup, Linda Albertano (one of five poets chosen to represent Los Angeles in Amsterdam's One World Poetry), Skylight Books staff/poet, Steve Salardino, Teka-Lark, Ken Tao, and Gregorio Gomez, host of the open readings at Weeds in Chicago for the past 19 years, who added a lively flair to the line "who got busted in their pubic beards returning through Laredo with a belt of marijuana for New York."

After the final chorus, Steve Abee continued the motion forward and read "Footnote to Howl."  Milo Martin shared his poem written following Ginsberg’s death, which captured the spirit and essence of his mentor.  Stosh Machek delivered a powerful, spirited reading of Ginsberg’s "America.”  Bob Branaman, part of the Vortex group that came to San Francisco from Wichita in the late '50s, early '60s, spoke briefly about his good friend, Ginsberg (humorously lamenting selling his autographed copy of "Howl" several years ago to David Meltzer "for five bucks").  

Reflecting later about the reading that night, S.A. Griffin, who met with Ginsberg a few times in the late '80s said, "All that I wanted to get out of him was 'what is poetry?'  We dialogued on it for hours.  The conclusion: poetry is candor.  All things holy, poem/poet holy."

Special thanks to Skylight Books' Kerry Slattery for saying yes without hesitation to hosting the reading.  Slattery and staff continue to stock an always interesting, eclectic mix of books and Skylight was the perfect venue for this anniversary tribute, having previously held memorial readings to such Beat figures as Gregory Corso.


S.A. Griffin’s website

David Zasloff

* * *
Composer/conductor/instrumentalist David Amram, known for his musical film scores including Pull My Daisy and The Manchurian Candidate, was in the audience to catch Beat Angel at the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! festival. David, who was a close friend of Jack's, was moved to write up his impressions of the movie, calling it "as original and refreshing as the work of Kerouac itself."

Read David Amram's Review
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Internet Movie Database

Click to purchase the "BEAT ANGEL" DVD at FilmBaby.com
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San Francisco Beat Museum hosts DVD
release screening
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Beat Museum in
San Francisco hosted the DVD release screening of "Beat Angel" and a live performance by Vincent Balestri on Sunday Oct. 22, marking the film's release on DVD.  Vincent performed as Jack Michelin before the movie and answered questions from the audience afterward. If you haven't visited the cool new Beat Museum location, stop in and say hi to founder Jerry Cimino--tell him Beat Angel sent you!
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Click to purchase the "BEAT ANGEL" DVD at FilmBaby.com
Click to purchase the "BEAT ANGEL" DVD at FilmBaby.com
Beat Angel nominated for two awards at The MethodFest
Beat Angel at the Wine Country Film Festival
Beat Angel at the Santa Fe Film Festival
The Sedona International Film Festival
RiverRun International Film Festival
Northwest Projections film festival
David Amram writes
'This film will last'