It all started when Edie Kerouac, Jack's first wife, urged actor Vincent Balestri to portray Kerouac on stage.  The resulting show, "Kerouac: The Essence of Jack," ultimately inspired Beat Angel.

Vincent was introduced to Edie in 1979 while directing a play at one of Jack's old hangouts, the Punch & Judy Theatre, in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Edie and Vincent spent weeks together, Edie telling stories about her life with Jack at the heart of the New York bohemian scene. 

She shared home audio tapes made by Jack, impossible to find at the time, and urged Vincent to play Jack on stage...
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Beat Angel - the spirit of Kerouac
Gerard (Frank Tabbita) is a bitter "ex-writer" and vocal "Kerouac hater" who insists that Jack is a fraud.
Mary (Amy Humphey) in the poetry slam held in honor of Jack Kerouac's Death Day
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"A remarkable original and refreshing as the work of Kerouac itself"   -- David Amram
The spirit of Kerouac returns in "Beat Angel"
the spirit 
of Kerouac
"Tabbita and
Balestri are

-- Winston-Salem Journal
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DVD features: 

99 minutes running time (1:39) plus extras

Video extra: Vincent Balestri  performing Kerouac: The Essence of Jack (19 mins.). Stage play footage provided by Tom Shandel / Getaway Films Inc.

Writers Commentary
Deleted Scene /Outtakes
Kerouac Bibliography  
Subtitles: French, Spanish, Italian & English

All Regions Color NTSC

Beat Angel nominated for two awards at The MethodFest
Beat Angel at the Wine Country Film Festival
Beat Angel at the Santa Fe Film Festival
The Sedona International Film Festival
RiverRun International Film Festival
Vincent Balestri as the spirit of Kerouac in Beat Angel
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Beat Angel - the spirit of Kerouac - on DVD
Beat Angel - the spirit of Kerouac - on DVD
Northwest Projections film festival
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Learn about the nice people we recommend who translated 
Beat Angel into three languages.
"a valuable
   to the

--Eric Jacobs
"I love selling your movie.  I just tell people it's the best feature ever made about the Beats and it's so good they'll watch the last five minutes over and over and it's got The Beat Museum's unconditional money back guarantee so they can return it for a full refund for any reason.  I haven't gotten one back yet."    - Jerry Cimino, The Beat Museum,
 San Francisco
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 --Duke De Mondo
  Jury Nominations 
 Best Actor Award 
  Maverick Award   
Beat Angel on sale at THE BEAT MUSEUM in San Francisco!
"an illuminating tour de force"

-- Jason Eisenberg
"Lord Buckley"
America’s foremost Kerouac

-- Gregory Pleshaw
Santa Fe Film Festival
"Beat Angel      shows why   Kerouac will always be relevant."

-- Dr. Jeff Weddle
University of Alabama
"artfully created film"

--Erick Mertz
"food for the soul"

--Gabriel Gordon
guitarist & 
recording artist

--Jerry Cimino
October 3, 2014
A visit to The Beat Museum

Our friend Kevin Malin of Seattle recently haunted the North Beach of San Francisco and got these great photos of The Beat Museum and the Beat Angel DVD display they have there. An honor to share a shelf with Steinbeck!
After ten years the Museum is still going strong and they remain one of the biggest outlets for Beat Angel DVDs.

Kevin snapped some of the cool exhibits, including one of Jack's typewriters, his plaid jacket and the '49 Hudson used in Walter Salles' 2012 On the Road movie.
Beat Angel on
on DVD at